Baby Prepping

I may not offer profound insight but here’s my list as to how I prepared for the chaos of baby and the weeks following.

Preparing for a new baby can be extremely stressful and overwhelming. I can’t recall the number of blogs & books I read, Insta accounts I stalked, Pinterest pins I had intent of doing, and on and on. Preparing to become a mom spirals you into a parallel universe of prepping where everything HAS to be perfect. I’ll be the first one to burst that beautiful, glittery bubble of yours and tell you that’s not real life AT ALL. There will be poop and there will be a mess all. the. time. (unless parents are coming over, then it’s perfect!). Hopefully I can impart some of my ‘been there, done that’ mommy wisdom on ya’ll.

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Months Before Delivery Day

  • Start gathering things for the hospital. I have many phases of my packing process. First is the “I need everything!” phase where I literally pack everything except the kitchen sink. After a few days of looking at things spilling out of the suitcase, I hit the “Will we even use that?” phase where I start weeding things out. Then there’s the every so healthy “What am I thinking?!” phase where I finally get down to business and start being realistic.

I asked so many friends what essentials they needed for the hospital and after I bought every single thing people suggested (because I’m crazy), I sat down and looked at what I thought I would REALLY need and got serious about packing. One of the things I did that I’m SO SO thankful for sounds silly but it really helped me. I organized everything into gallon ziplock bags so I could easily pull out the ‘category’ I was looking for while at the hospital. It made my life SO much easier because I wouldn’t be a frantic mess pulling out everything in search of a hair tie. It’s also a great use for all of those plastic bedding pouches I save. Here are the categories I did:

baby items – baby gowns, bows, hats, socks, pacifiers into 1 bag

my mommy ‘after birth’ items – cute robe, hair clips, nursing tanks, pj’s, nipple cream, etc.

hubby items – toiletries, pj’s, GoPro, etc.

‘going home’ day – outfits & accessories you want everyone in for the big trip home.

important paperwork – insurance info, car seat info, pediatrician info, etc.

  • Stock the freezer & pantry. I meal prepped some but not as much as I would have liked. I probably made 10 frozen meals but I really stocked up on frozen foods (pizza, casseroles, chicken poppers, veggie bags, snacks, etc.). It may not have been the absolute healthiest, but I knew we had easy food for when we were sleep deprived and didn’t feel like cooking and that’s all that mattered. That’s the whole point of meal prepping, right? So, I was stocked with 1/2 healthy and 1/2 frozen pizzas and bags of veggies!
  • I read up, ya’ll. So I’m obviously a crazy person that prepares and with that I choose to educate myself as much as possible so I feel ridiculously prepared for any situation my new, precious baby will throw at me. Sounds normal – however, not realistic. {Those babies somehow find your mommy weak spot and strike. It happens all the time. You’ve been warned.} These are the books I read and swear by:


  • I made baby baskets for both vehicles with all possible essentials. They sat on the floorboard right under baby’s car seat so I could always reach and it didn’t take up extra room. They always had the following in them:
    • full package of wipes
    • 5 diapers or so
    • extra outfit for Code-Brown explosion
    • blanket & burp cloth
    • pacifier
    • Ziploc bag with diaper rash cream, extra bow {no one’s every going to mistake my Lola as a boy. that’s my mommy vow}, hand sanitizer.
    • toy
  • I made baby/nursing baskets for the house  – one for the living room and one on my nightstand. Knowing I had this stocked when I needed to nurse or change baby was such a sigh of relief that I didn’t need to run around the house to find everything I needed. I could essentially just plop down and be ready to go.
    • Cute basket
    • nipple butter
    • 3-5 diapers
    • small pack of wipes
    • small diaper cream
    • pacifier
    • burp cloth
    • small toy or rattle for diaper changing {if necessary}
    • travel hand sanitizer

Bringing home baby

  • I quickly figured out that I wasn’t a good person when I was tired and sleep deprived. I’m also not good at staying awake even if a baby is attached to me nursing at 2am. Super unsafe. So the hubs and I quickly figured out that popsicles for a middle of the night nursing momma was primo! When the baby woke up, one of us {hubby lasted about 2 weeks then he somehow started to sleep through the crying baby, go figure} would go grab a popsicle and I would have a popsicle while nursing. It was an amazing way to keep me awake while nursing and not risk falling asleep while holding my baby. It was like I figured out a secret mommy code.
  • Start a routine as quickly as possible. I figured out quickly that babies thrive on routine. Each morning after nursing I would rotate Lola around different activities for about 10-30 minutes each during the morning. I didn’t want her to just lay flat on her back all day and I thought introducing tummy time early was very important.
    • laying on her mat with music and toys
    • tummy time
    • kick & play piano {she LOVED kicking that thing}
    • propping up and introducing toys, books and music

I also started introducing nap and quiet time on a schedule as much as possible in the first 2 weeks. If it be rocking in her room with the sound machine softly on while reading a book or just swaddling and laying her down for a few minutes. Honestly, I think the first two weeks is pure chaos and adjustment, but after that I was a slave to her sleep and eat schedule – I seriously think that’s why she still sleeps 12 uninterrupted hours each night and takes a 2 hour minimum nap every day at 23 months old. Sleep is a priority for me and it makes me a MUCH better momma so I focused on that from the get go.

  • It was also extremely helpful for us to transition Lola into her own crib, in her own room during week one. It seems early but I wanted her ‘out of the kitchen’ smelling food all night. I never wanted to be too tired and unaware and her fall asleep in bed with us. I wanted the time I got up with her to be intentional and on her turf. I think that’s another reason she was such a good sleeper from the get go – she didn’t have noises and smells from us to wake her throughout the night.
  • Get lots of videos of baby. I like looking back at all my baby pictures but I LOVE watching her on little videos and she absolutely loves watching her ‘babyself’ now as a toddler.
  • Shower when baby is sleeping or pull the swing into the bathroom! Sometimes that was the only way I could squeeze in a shower – real life. I always jumped in right when I laid her down for a nap. That way I knew I could enjoy myself and somewhat pull it together like a functioning member of society. Do whatever you have to do to not lose your mind – sometimes that’s just a shower.
  • Make a sign for the doorbell. It basically stayed up for the first 2 months of baby’s life. Lord help the Amazon delivery guy if he rang that doorbell after she just fell asleep!

I’m sure I’ll think of more things as life goes on but I hope this helps some new mommas during a time that feels like pure chaos. We’ve all been there. It’s like a cruel right of passage but you’ll come out super awesome on the other side – I promise! You’ve got this, momma!

-XO, the WCW

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