WCW’s Amazon Prime Addiction

My top Amazon Prime buys

Prime Day has me feeling so many fun feels so I thought I would throw together my top overall Amazon Prime favorites for your shopping pleasure.

The words “my home runs on Amazon Prime” are so stinking true. While living on an island my little addiction has eased up a tad but my Wishlist & Shopping Lists are busting at the seams. Whenever we get ready to travel to the states we have our Amazon cart packed and ready for delivery. We miss the creature comforts and convenience of simple pleasures that we don’t have access to in St. Maarten.

Basically Amazon is my one stop shop for keeping my household running. When I go grocery shopping with a toddler, it’s all I can do to grab the stuff I need and get home. You may think I’m ridiculous, but Amazon is the reason I actually have seamless shopping trips with my two year old. Without her Fire Tablet, shopping would be a nightmare. She loves that thing and the best part is that I don’t have to worry about what she clicks on because it’s all kid and mommy approved.

Amazon helps me with the random stuff I don’t have time to shop for and also the bulky stuff (toilet paper, paper towels, etc) that are just obnoxious to deal with alongside of a 2 year old. I can’t wait to be back in the states and have full access again! Until then, I’m deflecting some of my addiction on to you all 🙂

Disclaimer: I can not be held responsible for upset spouses. It’s your responsibility to hide the Amazon boxes before they get home! {hehe} I CAN however help you use the sky miles and hotel points for vaycay’s from all the spending! I may also make a small revenue off some items purchased.

Like normal, click image for link to item!


This is one of those things that as a kid I always thought my mom was keeping my teeth but was evidently chunking them as soon as I wasn’t looking. It would have been fun to look back with this so I already have one for Lola Kate. For some people it may completely freak them out and I respect that! Our kids Fire tablet is a heaven sent! Want to be the fav aunt, uncle, grandma, grandpa, etc.? Get this. I’m telling ya.

One of my best friends gave me this gel stick when I was pregnant with Lola and she told me it was the best. I didn’t actually start using it until baby was about 18 months and completely spilling everything, but now I completely understand! IT’S AMAZING and it literally gets out everything. It’s a staple in my house now, without a doubt.

Running after a two year old all day, my flimsy Tory Burch run o’ the mill flip flops weren’t cutting it, sadly. I then got these amazingly durable Sketchers flip flops and y’all they have changed my life. I’m a better person I swear because my shoes are so dang comfortable. I sized up from a 7.5 to an 8 and I have the Grey & Pink. LOVE.


Basically the hook holds all my shopping bags while out and the disposable place mats allows baby to eat in public without me being a germ freak. The spoons screw on to food pouches and are AH-MAZING for on the go eating. Good cups for kids are super hard to come by with spilling and leakage – Camelback sippy cups are where it’s at.

Housing & Life:

Amazing gift idea or just for your own family adventure that is life. I document everything I can in mine. Ya’ll I LOVE a candle. I literally burn them nonstop. To me, it makes my house feel like a home and makes me feel pulled together as a mommy (just a tad). Vuluspa and Seda France are two of my favorite brands and they gloriously smell up huge spaces.

Strawberry huller. Since we have a minor strawberry addiction in my home, we use this daily. I also use it on tomatoes. Also, because avocados are LIFE and we eat one daily under my roof. Quick & easy gadgets, I love them.

This is wonderful bug repellant in lotion form, even gentle enough for the kiddo. Ya’ll, when I tell you I HATE mineral sunscreen, I meant I HATE mineral sunscreen. You may love it, but it is not ‘mommy approved’ in this house! It doesn’t rub in, turns you weird purple looking and leaves you cakey. We’ve probably tried 10 different kids sunscreens here and hands down it’s still Coppertone every single time for the win. Hubby and I are  extremely protective with skin as well. We both love this L’Oreal face and body lotion.

There are some mornings {or afternoons} that I just want something other than coffee and these Crystal Light with Caffeine packets are so stinking amazing!

This is my OCD side for when I write in my mom planner (Yes, I’m Erin Condren obsessed and I mom so hard the old school way). Erasable colored pens. It looks like I NEVER make a mistake and I’d like to keep it that way!

Best soaps EVER! They smell so amazing! I always have Mrs. Meyer’s in my kitchen. Always! OK, while were on a ‘smell good’ subject… let’s talk poop. Every body does it but really, we don’t need to KNOW they do – you know? We have Poo Pourri in every bathroom in our home and we ALWAYS pack it when traveling. Literally, it’s the best thing ever so if you haven’t used it before, do it. Also a hilarious stocking stuffer idea!


Ya’ll. I can’t with this sushi USB drive. I NEED THIS in my life! This is going in every stocking I have to buy for at the holidays.

I could go on because I have so many amazing things I like to buy from Amazon. Sigh… Let me know your favorites as well! I love to try new things. Happy shopping!

-XO, the WCW

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