I have a two year old? WHAT?!

When did this happen?! Somewhere in between a hurricane, moving to England, exploring Europe and moving BACK to a Caribbean island THIS happened! I must say though, the terrible two’s haven’t been very ‘terrible’ at all! {YET}


It makes me so sad to think my wee little baby girl is already two. She has grown up so much in the past few months and it’s so wonderful to watch. She loves to sing, counts to 10 a million times a day, enthusiastically says “Roll Tide” when referring to an elephant, has dance parties with herself, uses manners, says her prayers and points to her little heart when I ask her where Jesus lives. She’s a smart, beautiful, amazing little girl and I’m so in love with this phase of life.

I swear she learns something new with each passing day and it amazes me. It’s funny how island life will make you slow down. Old ‘suburbia’ me would have been rushing to have her learn the ABC’s, spell her name, basically anything to advance her above other 2 year olds in her class. I would have wanted her to learn, learn, learn because that’s just what I feel like you’re supposed to do. Well, I gave a go at that about four months ago with early potty training. She actually showed every single sign of being ready, but when we did the weekend challenge it was a big fat failure. Homegirl didn’t give two flips about potty training, in fact she did less and less as the hours went on. At that moment I decided I was done keeping up with society’s expectations that I put on myself as a mother to hurry her to grow up and ‘be advanced’. I wanted her to just have time to explore the world she was living in and encourage her imagination to grow.

I know ya’ll know what I’m talking about. I know you’ve either been there or you’re going to be there. Well in my time as a retiree {lol, what is this stay at home mom life? I prefer retirement, it sounds more relaxing and I’m faking it till I make it, people}, I’ve read a bunch and among the books I’ve read one triggered me to chill out. Basically it runs along the premise that we should allow our children to awaken and explore on their own, simply taking time to understand the world around them while they’re still so small.

Since the potty training failure I’ve done just that, taken pressure off my myself and my kiddo and I swear she’s learned and done more. Their little minds are just so amazing. I laugh when we’re driving to the store and I’m telling the car in front of us to “come on!” and then I hear “Come on, Mr.!” from the backseat. She’s always listening and it’s comical because the day has officially come where I’m being watched every second of the day, but I love it.

She still takes a jumbo 3 hour daily nap and sleeps 7pm-7am every night. We literally could not have a better baby. {Baby…. I know I need to quit using that term since she has now officially hit the ‘toddler phase’ but I just can’t help it, she’s my baby and I still can’t see her as anything different.} Tea parties, finger painting and Peppa Pig are life’s obsession at the moment for our little water baby. She beaches and pools daily and has the most precious tan lines EVER. She’s getting a little pickier with what she eats but in our house you get what you get and you don’t pitch a fit. You try it, then you’re excused. The way she tries a stuffed pepper, then asks “May I please be ‘scused” will melt your heart. Lola is every bit “a good and perfect gift from above” {James 1:17} and we are beyond blessed to be raising this tiny human.

Lola Kate’s Current Obsessions:
  • Her baby {literally doesn’t leave her unless we’re in water}
  • Her thumb
  • Milk
  • Tea set
  • Princess castle
  • Coloring books & finger painting
  • Wanting me to sing ‘Jesus Loves Me’
  • Reading Llama Llama
  • Stuffed animals
  • Stickers
  • Popsicles
  • Watching: Peppa Pig, Monsters Inc., The Incredibles, Princess & the Frog, Daniel Tiger
  • Going for walks
  • Helping to cook
  • Spontaneous dance parties
  • Holding hands
  • Kisses {yeah, the super wet, sometimes licks}


I’ve been waiting her whole life for this phase and it’s every bit of fabulous that I hoped it would be. Cheers to it continuing and skipping the terrible two’s all together!

-XO, the WCW

P.S. Here is the book I read that made me chill out 🙂

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