Mother’s Day

A mothers job is filled with thankless tasks, amiright? She is a modern day servant to her family and children, making the bed(s), doing the dishes, laundry, yard work, the list goes on and on. Basically Cinderella without singing barn animals and a magic wand {sigh. A wand would be so fabulous}.

It’s hilarious to me to even think of Mother’s Day as a ‘day off.’ Things must still get done, right? If I neglected my ‘mom duties’ for Mother’s Day they will still be there for me to do the next day, just in greater abundance.

My Mother’s Day morning went a little like this…

I woke up with the kiddo, made breakfast for the little person, coffee, went to two grocery stores, did the dishes, put dinner in the crock pot, cleaned up toys, did laundry, filtered out a pot of cold brew coffee, made lunch, negotiated with a ragging toddler about nap time and it’s only hit the crack of noon. The bottom line is – my little fam is precious, but a mothers job never ends.

Being a mommy is just so darn difficult. You’re in a constant battle with yourself – wanting your babies to grow up so you can see who they will turn into, getting excited about each upcoming milestone and wanting to wish away the ‘bad’ stages. However, there’s the other side to that. The side where they do grow up overnight. The sleepless nights, busy days, tantrums, giggles and cuddles that you can’t get back. Then there will come a day where that little diva doesn’t need me as much anymore, then a little more, then a little more. Soon she won’t need me at all and the thought of that is enough to send me into a spiral of tears. The quiet-less meal, messy house, never-ending laundry, loud car rides, tears, tantrums, and on and on will all seem like ages ago – the moments right now that I constantly find myself wishing away so hard, I will someday beg for them back.

Being a mother is the hardest, most thankless job. I tried to prepare. I read and researched everything possible, but still nothing prepared me for the moment I began my lifelong journey as mommy. It is in our hearts that we want a bigger family and more babies running at our feet, but as a mommy to one little princess right now it pains me to think of adding more. I know there is more than enough love to go around and I will have new love for our other babies, but there’s something about my time with Lola right now that feels so unbelievably special. It’s just her and I taking on the world as mommy and baby and I know I will never get these moments back. It’s just so difficult to think of a world where it’s not just her and I.

Don’t even get me started on the ‘mommy guilt!’ Ya’ll, that’s a real thing. What the heck?! I’ve found myself never wanting for ‘me’ but always for ‘them.’ I’m not talking about my quick morning workouts, watching a movie or sitting by the pool for an hour with the baby monitor. I’m talking about wanting to spend money on myself instead of my family – a massage, new clothes, a trip. It’s insane how your priorities shift from the ‘single lady’ anthem to ‘baby momma’ mantra and how you would rather them have a new Peppa Pig play set than a massage for you. Don’t get me wrong – it’s rude to refuse a gift and I never do, but if I, ME,MOMMA, has the choice on what to spend money on, it’s never for ‘me’ – it will always be her.

I have so much respect for the mom clothes I used to giggle at with my girl friends. Those girl friends and I are ‘those’ moms now, looking like hot messes so our kids can look adorable, in smocked and monogrammed ensembles. It’s a vicious cycle that you don’t evidently understand or appreciate until you pop out one of your own. So much appreciation for those white washed jeans and missized, worn out tops my own mother would wear, while my spoiled butt was wearing diamond earrings, David Yurman, Citizens and a BCBG top {eye roll at my adolescent self}. White washed jean mommas out there – YA’LL THA REAL MVP’S!


While Mother’s Day makes me happy, I also get equally sad. I pray for the momma’s that have felt loss, to which no mom ever should. I cry for the children that must pray to their mom’s today and to the women that long to be mothers. It’s a day filled with such joy for some and such sadness for others. It’s a day I choose to reflect upon and consider what I can do to be a better mother.

All of the mothers I look up to are warriors for their family. They are love. I want to be love in the eyes of my children and I choose, on this Mother’s Day, to stop wishing away the chaos and frustration. I will take chaos over a life without my little any day. The saying goes {and I know it to be so very true} that you turn into your mother. Well, if that’s the case then I need to be the best damn mother and example I can be for my little diva and that’s my goal in this life.

To all the mommas out there, you’re amazing – even when you’re up to your knees in dirty laundry, covered in poop, with dinner burning on the stove. You’re the example of what a mother should be. I love ya’ll big.

-XO, the WCW

Real Life moments of complete chaos. 

img_1969.jpg IMG_4093.jpg Image-1-2.jpg Image-1-4.jpg


Yep, that’s me in an airport, holding hubby’s coffee while  my beautiful, lifesaving coffee has unbeknownst to me spilled everywhere at my feet. If this isn’t mumming so hard right now, I don’t know what is!

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