Beach Life Continued (Glam Edition)

Ok, so my beach bag post left some of ya’ll in need of more. Yes, I definitely have my little stash of goodies and lustworthy items so here they are, with links, you’re welcome…

Click images for link to purchase.

  • Adorable goggles for baby

  • AH-MAZING beach backpack that shakes out sand

  • If you REALLY want a beach tent, these are what we’ve used at some point and I can super vouch for:

We used this on the beach and just sat baby up inside when she was about 6 weeks

  • Quick shipping, precious swimsuits for littles

  • Momma bathing suits:
    • Kortni Jeane is an amazing brand if you want to hide your mommy tummy but still feel like a hottie.
    • My fav cheap suits {I like to mix & match these}:

  • Other essentials that you don’t have to have – but make life easier

Real life proof of the love:

IMG_2674.JPG  IMG_3963.jpg

img_23941.jpg IMG_2810.jpg



I hope these add some fun to your beach trip!

-XO, the WCW

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