Year 1 Baby Favorites


My house looked like Fisher Price exploded inside for the first year, I swear! However, these 3 things were my saving grace.

During our sweet baby’s 1st year we realized there was a lot we could do without. However, these were Lola Kate’s (and MY) favorites during her 1st year. Scroll to the bottom for my list of essentials.

Don’t worry, the images have clickable/shoppable links.

LoKa’s top picks:

Mommy’s essentials

The food pouch attachable spoons were probably my saving grace! It was important to me personally for Lola to figure out the spoon aspect of eating, rather than keeping with the ‘sucking’ theme she already knew so well. I like introducing new skillsets to her from the get go {even when I was on the go}.

I’m literally OBSESSED with these NUK (pink, heart cup below) sippy cups. I tried probably 20 different types of transition and learning cups and these were by FAR the absolute best when I was transitioning from bottle/nipple to cup. After that, I used the 360 cups. They’re ok and better than the majority but they (like all cups) still have little spill outs when dropped or thrown. You’ve been warned.

I also wasn’t much of a Bumbo user, but I did LOVE my bouncer. It allowed me to cook dinner, clean, etc. I put her in it from a young age and would put a rolled towel behind her to help hold her up/balance. She LOVED it, which made my life easier.

I’m sure I’ll think if more things as time goes on, but these are my tops!

-XO, the WCW

Real life love of the above toys:



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