What’s in my beach bag

When I first started out, I majorly over packed for baby at the beach. It’s just in a moms genetic makeup to be prepared for ANYTHING at the beach, amiright?!

I get a lot of questions about how I prepare to go to the beach pretty much every day with my little diva. I’ve figured out what works, what doesn’t, and a few other things along the way. However, I know this is what works for us, so here’s my two cents.

My little beach baby is so used to going to the beach that she is wonderfully in tune with just enjoying being out there, it’s as simple as that. She really doesn’t require a lot. I have found that if you try to over stimulate with too much stuff your kiddo may touch each thing once (if you’re lucky) but basically doesn’t acknowledge all of your hard work of packing and dragging everything out there. So my advice – Don’t over do or over think it.


This is what I always have in our beach bag:

  • Baby powder – It’s the beach mom’s magic trick. It keeps sand off and it’s amazing for hands and legs.
  • 1 beach bucket –perfect for sand or hauling water. I grab mine from the Dollar Store.
  • A few quality sand toys (our picks are: shovel, plastic sand mold of some kind, mermaid, boat)
  • Towel, preferably monogrammed 🙂 – Everyone deserves a monogrammed towel from day 1.
  • Sippy cup – Best to fill to the lid with ice, then water.
  • Small snack – We love Veggie Straws, Annie’s Cheese Bunnies, grapes, apples, you get the point. I typically bring one cracker-type and one fruit.
  • Chair or sand mat {chair when hubs is with me to carry} – Mommy always needs somewhere to sit, whether we pay for a lounger on the beach or tote our own, baby typically will sit with me or play in the sand and water.
  • Sunscreen – So if you know me, you know I loathe spray sunscreen. I feel like it’s a rip off, 90% of the ‘spray’ goes into the air and not on you and the can only lasts 2-3 trips. Nothing like good ole lotion. My regime is simple. I lotion (with SPF 30 or higher) when I’m completely, eh-hem, naked. I hate missing spots or not getting close enough to my suit line. As I’m picking out my suit and cover up, I’m drying. I put my suit on and then proceed to get baby girl ready and I do the same thing to her, but with baby sunscreen SPF 50 or higher. Why am I telling you all of this? Calm down, I’m getting there! By the time we get to the beach we are SO ignoring those nasty sun rays, it’s just not happening! However, after an hour or so I like to give the ‘key areas’ another squirt and to avoid sand completely sticking everywhere, I use the spray if absolutely necessary {but it’s not my go-to, only when covered in sand and the spray is the only saving grace.}.
    • Key areas I don’t forget:
      • Mommy & baby’s hair part
      • Shoulders
      • Back
      • Feet
      • I may spray my face again but I definitely spray on my hands then wipe on baby’s face.
  • Baby hat {monogrammed of course!} It’s hit or miss on if she wants to wear it but I still keep it in the bottom of the bag just in case.

What we’re wearing

  • Baby {I say ‘baby’ but the diva is 23 months. I’m in denial she’s so big}:
    • iPlay swim diaper (click here to buy on Amazon)
    • swimsuit
    • water shoes – sometimes she does flip flops but water shoes allow her to walk all the way through the sand and not have a freak out moment because she’s stuck. (Here are what Lola wears, size up)
    • Coverup of some kind – I like lightweight dresses or towel cover ups that I can throw over her for the walk there and back.
    • Bow. Duh. (Wee Ones are tha best)
  • Momma:
    • swimsuit & coverup
    • flipflops
    • sunnies to hid the make-upless face {can I get an ‘Amen’?!}

*Because we both wear coverups, I only bring 1 towel down to the beach for us to share. Then baby is normally in a cover up that will absorb the last little bit while walking back. I like to lighten my bag load anyway I can and this is a great way to do that.

Prep: Before I head to the beach

  • I lather up baby and I so we don’t have to fool with it when we get down to the beach. It’s already soaked in and I can let her just go when we get there.
  • Hydrate. I encourage her to drink as much H2O on the rocks as possible before we head out. Same for me.
  • Also make sure your phone {camera} is charged. Nothing worse than having to conserve and miss out on precious pics because you didn’t account for your brightness having to be all the way up.


I SUPER hope this helps you amazing momma’s navigate the chaos that is the beach with a baby or toddler. Let me know of any other questions or ideas you may have!

Good luck ya’ll, you’ve GOT this!

XO, the WCW

Real Life Proof:

IMG_3946.jpg img_6467.jpgimg_3573.jpg


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