Perception is Everything

I recently went home with baby to see family and I kept getting the same constant questions, “How is it REALLY down there? All of your pictures look sooo beautiful. It doesn’t LOOK like there was a hurricane” and on and on and on.

To those people I say the same thing – It’s a completely different picture if I was to turn the camera around. While the island is recovering, it’s just taking time.

Much like everything else that is the ‘social media beer goggles’ the viewer sees what you allow them to see. The truth hurts. However, you can’t tell me that Cara Loren, The Bucket List Family, JoAnna Gaines and everyone else that I (cough, cough) stalk online are THAT perfect ALL THE TIME. Yeah, they’re not. Life’s messy pretties and I choose to remember and ‘see’ the pretty pics.

Here’s a little perception for ya:

IMG_2496 copy

Perception: Beach baby enjoying the gorgeous blue water and watching the boats.

IMG_2494 copy.jpg

Reality: Turning the camera around you can see the lush landscape isn’t there. The trees are broken and it’s just not an overall picturesque paradise.

I don’t want to bum anyone out, but just always know that you don’t have to live a life of lust for things you don’t have. I have a true girl crush on JoAnna Gaines because I know in my heart that pile of dirty clothes or stack of dirty dishes is just cropped out of her pics because she is like all of us. (I mean, who has a soccer team of kids and doesn’t have a messy house!?) The majority of us want to feel like we’ve got it together at the moment we advertise as so. My house is always messy, even though I never stop cleaning and the laundry is never done. It’s reality, but that’s just fine. My reality is happy and healthy, which is all I can ever hope for.

Just keep in mind that perception is everything. Enjoy what you have and don’t lust for something more — because it’s not always what you think it is {even though I am definitely lusting after a Burberry robe I saw on tv the other day! WISHLIST addition!}.

-XX, the WCW