Vacay from Real

So I took a little vacay, whoops! Living without internet for two months seemed to be exactly what I needed in this chaos phase that has turned into the normalcy of my life. Being a creature of habit, straight lines and complete structure to moving between three countries, recovering from a hurricane and turning into a stay at home momma has completely thrown me a tad off kilter – so hitting me with no internet was a swift kick in the…. well… you get it. It forced my over-zealous self to calm down and enjoy myself, especially the little spitfire, pride and joy, roommate that calls me “mama”.

After two months I kind of got used to only getting internet at the hubby’s school. It forced me to enjoy the pool and beach,  love on my little one so so much, and just slow down. Never in my life have I been forced to slow down like that and looking back it was the best acclimation tool I could have had while moving back. I was so high strung moving back to an island that barely survived the hurricane. Stores weren’t open like promised and all in all we shouldn’t have moved back as soon as we did (check out my previous blog post for more info on that goat rodeo). However, prayer is a mighty thing and as much of it goes, we have no idea how things that are playing out at that current moment are actually shaping us, molding us into the very prayer we’re praying.

I asked to be understanding of the position God placed me in, to trust in the path I’m being guided down and to support my little family (after all, they’re the #1 goal, right?). If I know anything it’s that the Almighty constantly uses us as a canvas. He has stripped me down to feeling like I have nothing, only so he can build me up again to be a better version of myself, WCW 2.0 (or 8.0, 9.0, who’s counting?!). If I’ve learned anything in my years it is that surrounding yourself with positivity will help you be a better person – spouse, mom, friend and everything in-between.

Wrapping my head around ‘my new real’ has been really incredible. I never thought in a million years I would be living on an island and rotating Lola’s ‘outdoor time’ between the pool and beach. It’s so fun watching her grow and explore what she believes to just be a ‘normal life.’ She’s in for a RUUDEEE awakening when she moves back to suburbia in a year and she’s not traveling the world and island hopping in her down time. Riiidiculousss that has been our norm, pinch me please.

Let me bring the hatred and lusting after this ‘glam beach life’ back down to reality for a second. I’ll give you a few key words and you can weight the pro’s and con’s of this seemingly glitter and unicorns island life…

  • ants, cockroaches and other pesky bugs
  • family of 3 in a 1 bedroom apt
  • insane cost of island living
  • no car. I repeat, no car.

This phase of life is what I make it and I choose to make it a positive experience for the three of us while hubs is in school. I know looking back in a few years I’ll have learned valuable lessons and had awesome experiences, but for now it’s all about slowing down and watching the boats go by.

-XO, the WCW