European Complaints

While I hate to complain about my new home, there are just some things I can NOT get used to. Call me southern, call me outspoken, call me whatever you want but sometimes American is just better. ‘Merica, am I right?

Here’s where the UK and Europe can take some notes from the land that I love:

  • The darkness – Not that they can help this but it’s just annoying. It gets dark at 3:30pm and doesn’t get light out until after 8:30am. It’s the strangest thing, like nothing I’ve ever experienced and it can be depressing!
  • For the most part, chivalry seems dead here – There’s no holding doors, moving out of the way for a stroller, apologizing for running into someone, none of that. I’ve gotten the occasional help with getting my stroller onto the train, but I can count those times on one hand.
  • Healthcare. They won’t test for strep because it “has a cost,” which is a typical response for just about everything when you go see a physician here. Kids under 12 can’t get flu shots, but a real kicker is when a fellow med school momma went to the ER because her 6 month old was extremely unwell and the MD there told her that American’s overreact about their babies. UMMMM, no.
  • The lack of American essentials. Brace yourself for this one… You can search but you won’t find: ranch, mac and cheese, goldfish crackers, cheez-it’s, wheat thins, mexican food and tortilla chips. Those are the big humdingers. They hate processed sugar so they nix basically everything that Americans live off of (because we’re so darn unhealthy).
  • Smoking is still cool here. The European philosophy that it’s still ‘cool’ to smoke is my least favorite thing about this country. I’m so thankful that Americans are more concerned about their health . Walking through clouds of smoke just isn’t my cup of tea.
  • Portion control. This is overall a good idea but as an American it stresses me out. We’re used to everything being bigger, more and super-sized. Not in England. They don’t even have super-size options on the menus (that I’ve seen at least!). Bags of chips seem like a snack bag and my starving husband can eat a full bag in a day if he puts his mind to it. Meats come in smaller numbers and ounces, as well as cereals, crackers, juices, I can go on. Again, while this is a good thing to help with portion control, it requires more trips to the store and with a baby in tow – I’m not a fan.


-XX, the WCW