UK Conformity

While living in England, I’ve tried to make the best of our seemingly awesome experience and adopt the British lifestyle (as much as ‘Americanly’ possible).

I feel like on some level it’s every girls dream to live in a far away land with princes, castles, and culture. Well I already have my prince {Lola doesn’t, but we’ve tried stalking George outside of his crib and it didn’t get us very far ::insert exaggerated eyeroll::}, I’ll explore some castles and we’ll get some of that culture while we’re here. However, along the way I’ve picked up a few habits that I’ve found myself doing and can’t help but eyeroll at myself. Given a little more time, I think I could really give Amanda, Monica and Phoebe’s friend, a run for her money (if you don’t know about Amanda watch the link below for a laugh because, well… FRIENDS is always a good idea).Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 4.15.04 PM

Here what I’ve adopted:

  • Slippers – My feet are always so darn cold! Not like my cute Ugg or Tory Burch wool slippers that are packed away in the storage unit, but good ‘ole granny looking house slippers. I used to laugh at my mom for always wearing them  but now they’re are always on my feet. Something about the Scottish plaid, cheap wool and skid proof souls that make these a British necessity.
  • “Mummy” – While I  would be head over heels if Lola developed an accent, the chances are ridiculously slim to ‘why are you even thinking that could be possible.’ Therefore, at the very least I can get my nickname to sound super adorable. We’ll see if it ends up just being American or adorable British sounding – to be continued.
  • “Cheers” – It’s not ‘thank you” or “goodbye” it’s “Cheers” and I love it.
  • Tea time, multiple times a day – Yeah, I’ve got about 6 different types of tea in the cabinet now at all times. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always been a tea lover but in England it’s a way of life. It just ‘is,’ like how we expect chips and salsa at mexican restaurants. With that said, you can find me with a cup of tea after my morning coffee and by 3:00 every day. Playground or park? Yep, to go cup. Quintessentially english but whatever, it warms my soul.


  • Abiding by the ‘left side’ now. Everything is on the ‘left’ here, obv’s. However, considering it’s not JUST the cars, I’ve done well to not get run over AND adapt. Sidewalk walking >> left, buttons on shirts>> left, zippers on pants and jackets>> yep, the left. I’ve said goodbye to ‘the right’ and “Cheers” to the left.
  • Public transportation. It’s too cheap and convenient not to just dive in head first. Europeans have travel figured out and coming from an expensive travel society I can honestly say I feel like I’m stealing. It can’t be real how affordable they make travel and I love the British for this.
  • Language barrier. I’ve gotten used to the British way of communicating. Words that I never in my life considered now seem extremely normal. Below is what ‘they’ say compared to the American version. I’ll let you guess my face when I was told some of these things for the first time. I’m not going to lie, I’ve kind of enjoyed talking in this new language. I’m sure I’ll slip and say the British term back in the states and someone will laugh at the southern girl making up words, but for now it’s just fun faking it.
    • Till = cash register/checkout
    • Plaster = band aide
    • Chemist = pharmacy
    • Surgery = dr’s office
    • Rubbish = trash
    • Que = a line (i.e. “Are you queuing?”)
    • Uni = college
    • Nappy = diaper
    • XX = how everyone ends texts and emails here
    • Father Christmas = Santa
    • Tree decoration = ornament
    • You ok? = hi
    • Cheers = thank you & bye
    • The toilet = restroom (this one just still seems so abrasive to me, but it is what it is)

I’m sure I’m forgetting some other things because I don’t even notice the differences now. – I’m so British that way {it’s ok, go ahead and eyeroll at me :)}


XX, the WCW

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