British for the win!

After living in Preston, UK for two months I feel as though I have sufficient experience to educate on why the British have {a few} amazing things sorted out. These things have made my life immensely better during this short time.

  • Grocery delivery. AHH-MAZING! The produce is beautiful, the delivery is cheaper than a bus ticket (1.5p) and it comes straight to my door. Wine, beer, bread and all. It’s ridiculous convenient and I don’t have to stress about my abundance of impulse buys in the store or worry I’m forgetting an ingredient. Literally every grocery store delivers here and I am officially spoiled.
  • Prosecco Pops. Yes, you heard that right. If you know me, you know how much I love champagne, Prosecco and any version of Pinot Grigio, so these are the most fun.


  • Affordable travel. I keep thinking it isn’t real… the 5GBP flights to Dublin and Paris, a quick train ride to another city that costs less that an order of sushi.  When you compare to the astronomical prices of the US, affordable travel is inconceivable, yet Europe does it and they STILL make money (imagine THAT usa!).
  • The strollers, or should I say “prams” 🙂. The strollers here are like the Rolls Royce of baby travel. They’re sleek, compact, efficient and pure mommy eye candy. It’s hilarious because you know the ‘American’s’ are the ones pushing around big bulky strollers, while the europeans and British push around beautiful, elegant baby mobiles. I’m also loving all of the British names for a stroller – pram, prim, push chair and carriage. Posh for the win.

WINGOFFLY Luxury Newborn Baby Pram Infant Foldable Anti-sPreorder the new Silver Cross Wave here | Baby Birds UK

  • Walkability. The convenience {and safety} of public transportation is truly loved but the accessibility of everything is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. We live about a 10 minutes walk from the city center so we don’t have to worry with a vehicle here so we just walk to get everything we need. In the states, our little towns have just been laid out so differently, always requiring a car to get life necessities. It’s so refreshing to be able to walk and pick up lightbulbs or grab a cup of coffee. I’m much more active because I must be, but it’s nice to show my little one that walks are enjoyable from an early age.
  • Afternoon tea is a ‘thing.’ I’m loving this natural ‘slow down and enjoy the day’ British way with afternoon tea. I’m just a naturally busy person. I fill my time with chaos in order to feel accomplished and cross things off  my list. However, now in all the chaos that is my life, I’ve made a habit of putting baby down for her nap, making my tea, sitting on the couch under a blanket and going through my list or making a new one. Even when I’m rushing around hanging laundry or hand washing dishes I have a moment of escape with my little tea cup. It’s my time to unwind and forcible slow down for a moment of the day.


  • Architecture. I say this to anyone that will listen, sooo as my captive blog audience I’m saying it to you too. Infant America {sadly} only has 200-some years of history, but the UK has thousands of years of history. No matter where you go, it knocks you out as soon as you step foot off the train. The gorgeous, serene beauty of stone buildings, cobblestone roads and gothic architecture is breathtaking. It’s like nothing we have in the states and I’m so so in love. If ever I left my home land for another, it would be for the jaw-droopingly beautiful architecture that is Europe.
  • Christmas Markets. These British have Christmas markets down-pat. They’re magical, cohesive, and just downright enchanting. Yes, they all kind of sell the same things, but it’s still just such a fun experience. Every city in England that we have visited has had these. They all have the same little log cabins that vendors sell things out of: trinkets, ornaments, mulled wine and food galore. They’re a ‘must explore’ in my book if you travel to the UK during the holidays.

Edinburgh Christmas Market

  • Ready made food. Imagine, my American friends… being able to pick up (or get delivered) ready made food (Whole Foods and Fresh Market style) for next to nothing. I come from a far away land where gorgeously prepared chicken breasts, rolled in breading with cheese stuffing (or another amazing concoction) runs about $6/per. Well here you can get 4 of them for around $4. I hope you read that twice. I was in shock when I came here. I was constantly yelling in the grocery store to one of my friends, “IT’S JUST SO CHEAP!!!!!” I was that annoying ‘American’ but I’ve never seen such good food for so cheap. It is so easy to eat well and healthy here. I LOVE it.


That’s all for now my loves. I just finished my tea, so baby awaits!

-XO, the WCW

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