WCW favorite 1st time mom baby products

I can’t stress enough that every baby is different. You will quickly figure out what works and what doesn’t for your baby. Trial and error are not scary things. These are the things that worked like little, beautiful miracles for us after we had Lola Kate.

  1. Swaddle me wraps. Heck to the no on trying to figure out a swaddle blanket at 1am. Save yourself the breakdown and simplify your life with two velcro tabs.

2.  Newborn pacifiers. If you try to offer the larger pacifiers (larger than ‘newborn’ specifically) they will just be too big for your little ones mouth and it will constantly fall out. While Wub-a-Nubs are adorable, they’re just too big for a newborn to manage (not to mention they can’t even hold them in yet without a proper bulb on the end!). Make sure you get the pacifiers with the knob on the end so they have something to suck onto.

3. Sound Machine. This works wonders. My 18 month old is now conditioned that if the sound machine is on, she’s head on the bed. I read so much in preparation for my little one to be born and nothing I read boasted that you should lay your child down in complete silence. Considering the noises (bowel, blood flowing, breathing, you talking, etc. etc.) your baby heard constantly while cooking inside you for 10 months, it would be horrific to think that complete silence would now get them to sleep. I have never once thought twice about making noise in the kitchen, doing laundry or vacuuming while my newborn was sleeping. Complete silence isn’t normal so don’t condition your little one to think so.

4. Baby carrier. I absolutely love(d) toting Lola around in the carrier! I talk about it in almost all of my baby blogs, but it just makes getting around so so much easier! I could not live without my baby carrier.

5. See if you’re in an eligible area and sign up for Dolly Parton’s book club (Imagination Library). Your baby receives a free book every month until age four. COMPLETELY FREE. I was totally skeptical at first but we’ve been doing it for a year and it’s amazing. My parents even signed up at their house too so they could start a little book collection for when little ones come to visit.20YearSlide7

6. Transitioning from a bottle to a sip cup, these were the best trainers! These cups were perfect in helping get Lola used to using a sip cup and not a bottle. It made for a much less startling transition. Now I can throw whatever sip cup is clean at her and she drinks from it!

Here are the other sip cups that I have and still use daily.

7. This isn’t a product but it’s pretty darn important in my book… Popsicles. Popsicles were AHH-MAZING in helping me stay awake for middle of the night feedings! When it was time to feed the baby in the middle of the night, I would go grab a popsicle to help me stay awake. Nothing worse than possibly nodding off while your newborn is in your arms.

8. Booty control. As part of our bath time routine, even if there is no obvious sign of diaper rash, I would put on a little tiny layer of this diaper cream. I swear it helped Lola to never get a rash. It’s amazing. One container is pretty high in price (about $30) but I have used our every.single.day. for 18 months and we aren’t even close to the bottom yet. It’s a great product and better than many other cheaper brands out there, in my opinion.


9.  Baby Lit. I read a lot before baby and have since read a lot after baby, but these are my favorite baby books. Let it be said that I have taken much from each of these books in my parenting style. In the beginning the necessities were sleep (for me) and eat (for her), since then the necessity has turned to patience, manners and educating. As a new parent, I will take any guidance I can get in order to raise a functioning member of society, rather than a tyrant. Cheers to tea time reading recommendations!

For the hubs:


For me:

10. Carriage accessories. After living in the UK for a few months this has now made my list. Cold weather gear for the stroller. See baby below for happiness she has these products!

IMG_9978  IMG_9165

From one momma to another, I hope these help and good luck!

-XO, the WCW

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