4 Quick & Easy Crock Pot Meals for a Busy Family

I live a functioning life with a crock pot. If something happened to mine, my poor family would be in some real trouble! It’s the only way I can balance being a working mom, wife and functioning member of society. I will forewarn you, these are not complicated or I wouldn’t be doing them. They typically take the ingredients I have on hand, otherwise it’s not happening. It’s just not realistic for me to go to the store every day for ingredients or to spend 2 hours making dinner every night. I don’t have the time and because, to be quite honest, it’s just not realistic for a working momma!

Rating System:

  • WC rating: The hubs ranking (1-5 one is not liked, 5 is love in the mouth)
  • Lola rating: Baby likey ranking (1- threw on the floor, 5- ate until I made her stop)

Here are some of my favorite and easy crock pot recipes.

Always start out with completely spraying with cooking spray to make clean up easier on you.

  1. Chicken breasts with zesty Italian dressing. Literally, that’s it. A container of Zesty Italian Dressing and 4 chicken breasts. Crock pot on low for 6+ hours. Touch it with a fork and it pulls apart everywhere.
    • WC rating: 5
    • Lola rating: 5
    • WCW review: Easiest dinner I make. If I can plan ahead at the grocery, I’ll get tortillas and the hubs can throw together some rendition of a fajita the next day for lunch.
    • Dinner options: Chicken by itself. On a bed of lettuce with more zesty Italian dressing on top. In tortillas with avocados (baby then has avocados with her meal) and salsa.
    • Side options: pair with can of green beans, okra in the oven with olive oil & s/p, brussels sprouts with s/p, mashed potatoes, baked potato with cheese and sour cream
  2. Chicken Parmesan. She’s amazing >> here’s the recipe I use.
    • WC rating: 5
    • Lola rating: 5
    • WCW review: This takes a little bit more prep time and I have to be conscious about making sure I have a ball of mozzarella in the house, but this is a favorite meal in our home. I make it all the time. Typical prep in the mornings is about 20 minutes.
    • Dinner options: Warm up some Sister Schubert rolls, side of green beans and you’re ready to go! The hubs doesn’t care if it’s over pasta or not, but typically prefers just the chicken as the meal and foregoes the extra carbs.
  3. Baked potatoes. Use spray butter to spray the potato, then I lightly roll in course sea salt. Into the crock pot on low for 6+ hours. Loaded potatoes for dinner with sour cream, cheese, jalapeños, basically whatever is in the fridge is thrown on these bad boys.
    • WC rating: 4
    • Lola rating: 3
    • WCW review: Easy, just plain. I usually do a big salad with this and some okra.
  4. Thanksgiving Chicken. Put into crock pop in this order: 4 chicken breasts, 2 boxes of Stove Top stuffing (dry, straight out of the box), mix 16 z. of light sour cream & 1 can of cream of something soup (I use cream of celery so I can eat some) and layer over stuffing mix, 1 bag of frozen green beans. Crock pot on low for 6+ hours.
    • WC rating: 5
    • Lola rating: 5
    • WCW review: One of my favorites. As a vegetarian, I can still eat off this dinner because the veggie friendly stuff is all towards the top of the crockpot.
    • Dinner options: Warm up some Sister Schubert rolls and we’re good to go! I love this dinner because everything is in the crock pot and the prep takes no time at all. I keep all of these ingredients in my house at all times so I can be ready!

More to come! Let me know how you like them 🙂

-XO the WCW