10 ways to make flying with a baby easier


I don’t claim to have it all figured out, so relax! There’s always more insight on Pinterest and other mommy blogs, I just know what’s worked for me and my little one.

10 flights by 10 months has set up me up to make my baby a better traveler and I just need that in my life.

  1. If they’re small enough, wear them. I love toting Lola in the Ergobaby. It’s so much easier on a plane. She knows when she goes in there that its time to settle down for a nap. I can also pull the shade over and make her environment a bit darker for nap time. I have only been told once on 10 flights that I had to take her out of the carrier for take off and landing only.


2. Still bring the stroller if you need it. Getting through security with a stroller isn’t as bad as you think. After stripping down and juggling my 6 month old through the metal detector it was actually such a relief to be able to put her back into the stroller while I pulled myself back together.

3. I made sure she had a bottle or sippy cup for take off and landing. Pacifiers work well too, just something for them to suck on while the pressure is changing.

4. Bring snacks and food. I was prepared with slow snacks and steered away from messy (Ritz crackers and things that got everywhere). By ‘slow snacks’ I mean the teether wafers, yogurt melts, those sorts of things. I also grabbed a few pouch foods to break out ‘just in case’ for backup. I typically will also grab a sandwich to go from the terminal and I would feed Lola the meat or bread on the flight as well. Make sure to have wet wipes accessible fro clean up!

5. Bring a book and some small, noiseless toys. Lola loved this spiral stroller toy and I didn’t have to worry about dropping it and not being able to pick it up. 

6. Ya’ll – it’s ok if your little one cries. They can smell fear i swear! so just stay calm and do your best to sooth and introduce a distraction. For the most part people are really nice and understanding on planes. They’ve mostly all been there with the crying baby so they get it.

7. Before getting on the plane, check in with at the attendant desk. I always just ‘check in with them’ before our flights to tell them we’re traveling with a lap baby. Most of the time they are waiting for me because they need to switch me to a seat that is ‘lap baby designated’ – which means it has an extra baby oxygen mask. If flights aren’t full, many times they will spread us out so my husband and I have a free seat in between us – which is AH-MAZING.

8. If they can fly as a lap baby (under 2), let them fly as a lap baby! Why would you waste the money on an extra plane ticket if you don’t have to?! Don’t do it. See #7 above and just trust me – that extra seat will do you no good. It’s not like they can crawl around between the seats (have ya’ll seen how small that space is?! There’s no crawling possible!).

9. Don’t expect to change a diaper comfortably. Ya’ll when I tell you it was completely laughable. I wish I had a go-pro strapped to my head the first time I tried to change a diaper in a plane bathroom and then the next time when I tried to change in the plane bathroom only to find out I was on a plane that was made before they began installing the changing tables. Literally sitting on the toilet lid with a 10 month old in my lap (IN MY LAP. IN THE AIRPLANE BATHROOM!) changing a diaper, praying to not hit turbulence as she’s squirming all over my lap. Do yourself a favor… fresh diaper before boarding and only change if it’s a catastrophic #2 (and then, may God have mercy on your soul). Just don’t be THAT person that changes your kid in the seat. Seriously. Don’t.

10. Have a mommy artillery of distractions. I listed some of these above (books, toys, food, drink). Baby will get bored and bored = pure chaos! I always have ear plugs in my carry on in the event the plane has tv monitors. That’s the most AH-mazing thing ever for babies! Plug in a show or just let them fiddle with the screen – minutes of fun (ha!). When they start to get fussy, I just introduce another toy or act like I see something amazing out the window and that’s always a hit.

You can do this momma! Fret not, you can handle anythang!

-XO the WCW

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