The things I wish I knew before becoming a mom

  1. You don’t need all the crap! Seriously. Every baby is different and you quickly figure out what works and what doesn’t work for yours. However, you don’t need all the gadgets. I blame it on shear ignorance and first time mommy syndrome. If  it worked for someone else I was buying it – call me a baby prepper – but if someone suggested it, it was mine in 2 business days (thank you Amazon Prime!).

Things I found I didn’t need:

Wipe warmer – Your baby should get used to a cool, refreshing wipe on their bum. Wipes will only be warm at home, not when you’re out changing a diaper and all attention is quickly on you because you’ve shocked your babe with an ice cold wipe they’re not used to!

A mobile – You don’t want your baby to be distracted when it’s time to sleep. You also don’t want them pulling the mobile off the crib and breaking it. I basically got mine because it was ‘cute’ for the room but the bed should be for sleeping, not playing.

2. Get that baby on a schedule and stick to it! Lola is a slave to her schedule and it makes our life so much easier! We still are flexible when we need to go somewhere or are traveling but she knows its bedtime from 7am-7pm and you can’t put a price on sanity folks!

3. Don’t compare yourself to other mommies AFTER baby comes. Bodies bounce back at different paces. Don’t beat yourself up if you’re not back into the 2-piece bikini in record time. That’s not real life. I decided I was going to lose my weight slowly, so I have and I’m completely ok with that. Start with walking in the mornings or afternoons. Leaving her to work out just broke my heart so I always wanted to do exercise that included my new little Lola.

4. Get a breast pump and a pump bra and that’s it – to start. I bought WAYY too many pump gadgets and quickly realized I did NOT need them. However, in my insane nesting phase I had already washed everything so it was ready on command (which means I couldn’t return it)! I love all innovating mommy products but whoever thought about pumping while driving and being able to maneuver that is a wild woman. I pumped once while driving and it was horrific. I’m sure I unknowingly gave a few truckers a show but it just was not practical for me. I also didn’t need the huge expensive pump bag for work. I bought myself a cooler with ice bricks and used one of my cute monogrammed burlap bags (bridesmaid gift!) and that was my ‘pump bag’ for work. Don’t overthink everything. I promise you can buy it as you go but you may surprise yourself on how much you honestly don’t need.

5. Get in a Facebook group and ask questions, scroll and just listen and learn. I was in an amazing Facebook group (Baby Buddies) and it was such a great place to ask questions, get thoughts on products and just a support group to figure out this mommy thing. No judgement and amazing network of mommies just like you – getting through life on a whim!

6. Babies can’t be spoiled at the beginning. You can’t get that precious bitty baby holding time back. I sat for hours with Lola sleeping on me as I caught up on tv shows in those first few weeks. Don’t feel guilty for holding your baby. They were squeezed tight in your tummy for months, not feeling warmth and smelling you if a shocker to them too. Don’t worry about spoiling them and holding too much – no such thing early on.

I’m sure there’s more I’m forgetting but these are my tops for new momma’s. Don’t stress ladies, you will figure it out – we all have!

-XO the WCW