The Mouse obsession (Part 2 – Cruisin)

Part 2  of the obsession with the Mouse. We frequent the cruises, all of them actually, and the parks. Lola has been to the parks twice by 13 months and a cruise at 7 months. It’s safe to say that we have the ‘Disney with a baby’ thing somewhat figured out. Here are some of my words of wisdom that I’ve figured out…

Cruise at 7 months:

Vacay Mode ON!

  • Do yourself a favor and immediately sign up for a dinner (or two!) with your LO in the ship daycare. You an do this online in advance of boarding the ship. Don’t get me wrong, the whole dining room was obsessed with what outfit our chunky monkey would be wearing and they bent over backwards to make her a puree each night but there was just something ‘magical’ about having a glass (or bottle 🙂 of wine and having a moment with your spouse.
  • Be prepared for dinners. Bring disposable bibs and silverware just to make it easier on yourself. Ask your serve what they can do by way of baby food. Our servers were amazing and made baby puree every night for Lola (broccoli, sweet potato, etc.).


Disposable spoons are a must!

  • If you can bare it, do shore excursions with a baby carrier – not a stroller. A stroller will slow you down. I had my husband and my parents to help with carrying if I needed a break, but the stroller is just too much if you’re getting on and off a tour bus. Now the days we just got off the boat and casually walked around the ports – heck yeah a stroller (see below picture!)! But the locations where you’re expected to hop too, baby carrier all the way.

Casually strolled the city center in Tortola

  • Baby carrier all the way for walking around the boat! This trip she was 7 months so she loved the Boba wrap carrier.

Boba wrap was awesome and hilarious!

  • Umbrella stroller so it can store under the bed (in the cabin) at night. I recommend bringing the slimmest stroller you have. We have the Summer Infant referable stroller. I just like to be able to turn her to face me while she sleeps.

Summer Infant 3D Flip stroller with the princess in tow.

Sleeping on the deck


  • Castaway Cay – totally do the bike rentals. Lola absolutely LOVED it and was completely safe all buckled in (at only 7 months!). Sign up for these in advance!

    The hubs is a total trooper for sporting the mom backpack on the bike ride! Lola absolutely loved it!

  • As soon as you board the boat go to guest services and get a diaper genie, bottle warmer and bottle sanitizer. There are a limited number of these for the boat so I got mine immediately. The space in the cabin bathrooms is just way too small for me to wash everything I needed to each night so the sanitizer was amazing for washing all the bottle, sippy cup and pacifier pieces!

I’m SO excited for your trip and hope these little tidbits of advice help make for a smoother trip!

XO – the WCW

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