Where to start

So we’re giving up ‘it all’ to move right? Well what does that mean? I have spent endless hours on Facebook groups and chatting with other spouses that have done this very same thing – pick up and move for their hubs to start medical school- and this is what I have come up with as being the essential ‘to do list’ to prepare to relocate for medical school.

  1. Talk to a realtor about selling or renting your house
    • You can sell or rent. We have decided to just sell. We don’t know where we be be assigned for clinical rotations or where hubs will get into a residency program 3+ years down the road, so renting just isn’t something we’re crazy about.
  2. If you’re like us and moving to a land far, far away – you need to get a storage unit.
    • For us that involves moving all of our stuff to Memphis where the fam is. Movers in Tuscaloosa to pack the Uhaul, the hubs (hilariously) driving the huge Uhaul to Memphis, movers to unpack said Uhaul at storage unit. Doesn’t that sound like amazing fun?!
    • Don’t skimp – get climate controlled
  3. Book the movers to pack up and unload your loot onto the truck.
    • I’m not about to exhaust myself and break a bone to move my heavy car onto a truck. I’m literally not made for that – you may be – I’m just not. Especially with baby girl at my feet, how would that even be possible!? eek Pay for movers. It’s like $250  at each site and totally not worth exhaustion, casualties and did I mention exhaustion?!
    • Uhaul boxes for the win! They are SO much cheaper thank Home Depot. I went ahead and books everything in one fell swoop with Uhaul. The jumbo huge truck, the movers at both locations and all the boxes will be shipped to my door so I can look at the boxes for a month and a half and then procrastinate until the week before.
  4. Cell Phone
    • international plan? This is something I still need to have a come to Jesus with the AT&T dude about. I’m thinking hoping on my family’s plan, adding a line and just using my wifi may be sufficient but I need to see the ‘dude’ before I open the mailbox to a heart attack in an AT&T envelope.


To be continued… stay tuned for more chaos.

-XO the WCW

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