Side Hussle

Have I mentioned how much I love love my Silhouette Curio? It’s my time – time to zone out from the “mama?!” “honey?!” and every other worry I may have on that particular day. I’m able to be crafty and creative.

I started slowly. Blowing the dust off my machine after sitting in the box for a year (yes, because I was intimidated to death!), I decided to break in my machine with transfer vinyl then I slowly wanted more (it’s like a drug I tell you) so I got a heat press. Now I’m a vinyl making machine woman. I know I won’t be able to bring my 50+ pound heat press to the beach with me so for now I have just stocked up on basic vinyl to take with me when we move. My favorite vinyl is from Expressions Vinyl.

For those of you just starting out, the pro-tip I figured out is that the best thing to do is just to use waterproof vinyl on everything (if you want it to actually stick). Now, if you’re wanting to do vinyl on a place that needs to be removable then obviously the basic transfer vinyl will be perfect. I just like to know that my vinyl is going to stay. For example, you would want to use the waterproof vinyl on your cell phone case – not because your case is going to be in water but because it will be durable.

More to come. Crafting is calling.

-XO the WCW

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