work, work, work

I love my job. I love the people I work with and I love those I work around. I am so blessed to love to go to work everyday. I walked with a friend to a committee meeting one day about a month ago. I thought nothing of it when someone stopped me along the way to tell me how they reaching a personal milestone in their activity habits. When we arrived at the committee meeting, someone came to me from across a crowded room and started to tell me about a few health issues my University wellness program identified and how they have been able to manage it with their physician. They then went on to graciously thank me for what I do.

I didn’t think anything of it. It was my job. I love networking with employees and being visible at work. I honestly think that comfort comes with personal interactions and visibility, so I take a vested interest in making that half of my job. In leaving the committee meeting, my friend gets emotional and asks me if I get that reaction often. “Yeah, I get it daily,” I responded to her. Amazed, she told me she couldn’t believe the impact I had on this place and these people.

I hear people’s individual success stories daily – and I love hearing them – but there’s something so much more when you stop and realize the impact you are making in people’s lives. I can’t believe how blessed I am to have been given an opportunity to be trusted with the wellness of The University of Alabama employees, but shame on me for not slowing down and realizing, even in the rush of life. It took a dear friend to be blown away by my daily interactions and conversations that I typically brush off as “part of the job.”

Slow down people. Stop and smell the peonies people. You may have more of an impact on someone than you realize. Be sweet to everyone or it may bite you in the tushy!

XO- the WCW

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