Hello beautiful, I’m Heather

How did I get here? Basically I have a fabulous friend that I was stalking via Pinterest. I was so deep in my stalk that I scrolled past a post with 3 OOTD pictures and a blog link. Could that REALLY be my outspoken, yet mildly introverted friend – having a (gasp!) blog, outpouring her feelings and emotions online?! Yep. She did. I learned something new about her (of course again she wins and gets cool points). Of course her blog will always be more cheeky and well written than mine but… what was I getting at?…

Right… So in my stalking, I decided that since I was about to embark on a huge life change and adventure (the hubs starting medical school), now was the perfect time to start this trendy, cool hobby. I’m sure I will ramble, be boring and seem chaotic – but maybe, possibly, this can be something fun or helpful. Only time will tell!

Until next time…

XO- the White Coat Wifey

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